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Mike Gosalia was born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, Kansas, where he spent his youth studying, playing sports, and driving his father's Jeep or Mazda sports car. He attended college at The University of Chicago where he studied English Language and Literature. He spent his twenties traveling overseas, living in India and France. While in the United States he lived in Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Columbia.

In his early thirties Mike moved to Seattle, where he currently lives. Here he began to take his imagination seriously, deciding to express and share what he likes best: stories. When not writing, Mike jogs, listens to classic rock and pop music, plays tennis, and spends time with friends and family.

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"A fast pace read with fun characters. There's action, adventure, romance and never a dull moment."

"I was fascinated to read how adroitly [Timothy] was tricked and seamlessly captivated into becoming a drug courier ... I loved this character; now I'm waiting impatiently for a sequel."


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Thanks to Bonnie Kogos, author and newspaper columnist, for her enthusiasm and appreciation of my writing! This is enough!